Richmond Stoa is a community in Richmond, Virginia, of individuals interested in studying, discussing, and practicing Stoicism. As we strive to become happy, free, and virtuous persons, we engage in individual reading and reflection, group discussion, and the application of Stoic practices to our own lives.

Whether you are simply curious about Stoicism, you identify as a Stoic, or you think you can otherwise benefit from the work we do, you will find in Richmond Stoa a community of others here to help you grow. You are welcome to attend and participate as little or as much as you wish. Learn the basics of Stoicism, have discussions about how to live well, share your insights with others, and get help and support in your own training and progress. Meet local Stoics and people interested in Stoic thought. Clarify your own values and live in accordance with them. Meetings are a time to seek and offer guidance. Sometimes our own vices, bad habits, and perpetual mistakes appear unavoidable until another person says something like "well, it always helps me when I..." 

We are currently not having any regular meetings other than Survival Stoicism. I'm also looking at creating a more regular meeting on weeknights. Contact me if you're interested.